The Eco Bag

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Sew seeds of splendor with our Eco Bag! Each Eco Bag includes...

-original Oilcloth tote bag from the Oilcoth Brand, so retro

-"make today beautiful" Swedish dishcloth from Potluck Press, so absorbent 

-3-pack of reusable beeswax food wrapping from Meli Wraps, so sticky

-Gift box of seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Company, so bioethical

-Reusable cutlery pouch from Conscious Cutlery, fork, knife, spoon, straw, straw cleaner, and chopsticks!

-Urban Homesteader Book Set from Microcosm Publishing, so mindful

-2 single seed packets from Seattle Seed Company, so sustainable

-Mother Earth sticker from Turtle Soup, so neighborly

-Magical Daisy sticker from Mermaid Hex, stay rooted 

-trippy journal from 11:11 Enterprises, so psychedelic

-groovy card holder from 11:11 Enterprises, so practical

Our Eco-Bags retail at $150, selling for $100! Saving the planet, saving you money!

Due to uncertain circumstances, our inventory is limited, and our assorted bags are subject to very slight changes and substitutions. Only the more fun to open! 

Thank you for saving a small business one bag at a time! Be well.

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