The Fuck Bag

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What the fuck? This is what the fuck is up! Introducing The Fuck Bag! Each of our fuckin' bags includes...

-Rainbow fuck crew socks by Gumball Poodle

-All Out of Fucks Vending Machine tote bag by Emily McDowell

-Princess Leia flippin' the bird of the resistance mug AND sticker printed by Citizen Ruth

-"What the fuck is wrong with you?" AND "Everyone just chill the fuck out" coasters by High Cotton

-"Don't F*@k up my table" ceramic coaster by Tipsy Coasters & Gifts

-"wash your fucking hands" dish towel from Bad Grandma Designs

-"FUCK!" greeting card from Paper Love Boutique

-apricot wax scented candle from Perch Co.

-large sage bundle and single palo santo stick, both sustainably sourced and harvested

-assorted matchbox

-Be Mindful pop socket

Not that we give a flying fuck, but these bags retail at $125, selling at $75! Holy fuck!

Due to uncertain circumstances, our inventory is limited, and our assorted bags are subject to very slight changes and substitutions. Only the more fun to open! 

Thank you for saving a small business one bag at a time! Be well.

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