The Vag Bag

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Pretty in Pink! The Vag Bag includes...

-My Vag: A Rhyming Coloring Book illustrated by Margarit Cutler, published by Microcosm Publishing

-Tantric Dating: Bringing Awareness to the Dating Process by Catherin Auman, published by Green Tara Press

-"Queen Bee" OR Ruby Red Lips sleep mask by The Sleepy Cottage (please specify!)

-The Goddess Mug from Citizen Ruth OR "Well, at least you're pretty" mug from Pithitude (please specify!)

-"More Self Love" keychain from A Shop of Things

-single stick of palo santo and an assorted matchbox

This vulvastic basket retails at $90, selling at $60! A seductive offer, a sensual steal!  

Due to uncertain circumstances, our inventory is limited, and our assorted bags are subject to very slight changes and substitutions. Only the more fun to open!

Thank you for saving a small business one bag at a time! Be well.

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