The Weed Bag

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Hey man, we have these Weed Bags, man! Each pot pouch includes...

-marijuana leaf silk scarf botanically illustrated and printed by Curious Prints

-Feminist Weed Farmer guide published by Microcosm Publishing

-"I don't do drugs, I just smoke weed" coaster by High Cotton

-"home is where the weed is" keychain from A Shop of Things

-single palo santo stick and assorted matchbox

These stoner sacks retail at $65, selling for $45! Are you high?! It's reefer madness! The Devil's Lettuce made me do it!

Due to uncertain circumstances, our inventory is limited, and our assorted bags are subject to very slight changes and substitutions. Only the more fun to open! 

Thank you for saving a small business one bag at a time! Be well.

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